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Play3 | Playlist import

Playlists created in PLAY2 or generated in Cloud can be easily imported in PLAY3 by following the steps below.


Exporting a Playlist from PLAY2

To export a Playlist in PLAY2, open the options menu by clicking the three dots and select Export Playlist for Play3...


After selecting your save location, a .pl3playlist file will be exported


Exporting a Playlist from Cloud

Any Playlists generated via https://cloud.metrica-sports.com/ can also be imported to PLAY3. Video Projects that were marked as a playlist will have the Play3: Download Playlist button available. Click this button and select your save location to download the .pl3playlist Playlist file



Importing a Playlist in PLAY3

Click the + button in the PLAY3 video manager module, then select Import Container/Playlist... and open your .pl3playlist file


Once the playlist import is complete, you should see your clips in a new Container 


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