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CLOUD | Uploading a video to Cloud Engine

How to upload a video to Cloud Engine?

This will be the first step to overlay static and dynamic visualization onto the video, making it easy to keep track of players and communicate with players and team staff.

Go to cloud.metrica-play.com

Log into my Play account.

Click the 'Add' icon at the bottom to create a new video project.


There are two types of video projects: Game and Single. Examples of Single Video Project would be for practice or training videos, or for short game clips. Choose one, fill in the details and click Next.


Select a video file and the Automatic Detection processes that you want to execute. These processes will enable me later to go to Play and add visualizations automatically.

Then, click Next.


I can see the upload progress, and when finished, the upload date appears in the list. I can see the video name when I hover on the date.

Once the upload is complete, the Automatic Detection processes start automatically. 


When an Automatic Detection process is complete, I’ll receive an email notification.


Learn how to import the Video Project you´ve just created into Play


What is a Video Project?

There are two types of video projects: game video and single videos. If I choose Single Video and click Next, I can enter a video description, competition, place, and date. Single videos are generally used for practice or training  videos, or for short game clips.

If I want to upload an entire game video, I choose Game Video Project. The fields for game videos are a bit different: I can list home and away teams, scores for both teams, competition, place, and date.


Why the Video Project appears on top of the list with its date in a wrong order?

Now I’ll click Create. The game appears at the top of the project list, with the “new” indicator, even though its date isn’t in the correct order. To reset by order I can click the Date header to rearrange in ascending or descending order.


How can I close notification messages within Cloud?

Each time I make any change to my project list, such as adding a project or uploading a video, I get a notification on the lower right area of Cloud, which I can remove by clicking on it. I have more than one notification, a 'Clear All' button will appear below them.


More options for Video Projects on Cloud

Clicking the three-dot icon for a project opens a menu in which I can upload the video, cancel an upload in progress, download a video that’s already uploaded, delete a video or delete the entire project, or edit project details.


After creating a Video Project, how can I upload a video?

To add the game video, I can use this Upload Video link, or click Ready to Upload. Browse to find the video, and click Open.


How do I know what's the filename of an specific Video Project on Cloud?

I can see the upload progress, and when finished, the upload date appears in the list. I can see the video name when I hover on the date.


What is the Tracking column on Cloud?

Once the upload is complete, the tracking starts automatically. Tracking is the process that will enable me later to go to Play and add visualizations.


Email notifications after tracking process is completed

By default, You’ll receive an email when the tracking is completed. I can change this and other settings by clicking the Gear icon next to my email and choosing Settings. Here I can change my email, create a new password, or turn off email notifications.

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