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Saving moments of the video to create clips

Once you have your Video Projects in Play, you can now start creating playlists to select events.

Create and organize playlists


Video cut: How to save any moment of a video as a clip?

I can add clips to a playlist directly from a video project. I have the game video playing, and let’s say I want to add the play that just occurred. First, I’ll pause the video after the play is complete. Even though no event is marked or selected, I can save it as a video cut. By default, a video cut contains the 10 seconds leading up to the current point on the video.

Recording video cuts

Video cuts are assigned a generic name, but I can use the Info Box to provide a better title as well as description. I can also adjust the handles to change the clip duration and contents.


Import your own XML´s to select the clips

Click here to learn how.


Add Visualizations to your clips

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