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Add Visualizations to your clips

If you have created your workspace and video projects correctly, you'll be able to add engaging visualizations to your presentation in just a few clicks, through our Annotations Module, allowing you to share it with the coaching staff, present it to the players or export it as a video file.


1. Go to Annotations Module

Choose a clip that you want to add visualizations and click on the Annotations Module icon:


Adding Player Visualizations:

In the Annotations Module for this video clip, I’ll click the Add icon on the needle and choose a Player Visualization, like ID:


I’ll select the player, and I can edit the player’s name and number. I can also add a ring or a spotlight, and set its color. I can adjust the duration of the visualization at the bottom of the timeline. 

Now when I play the video, the visualization follows the player during the duration. 

Similarly, I can add a magnifier in which I can adjust the zoom and size. I can also add a link in which I can connect two or more players. Links can also be closed shapes, such as a triangle, if I form a closed loop.


Click here to check all the Visualizations you have available, and learn how to use them.


My Playlist is ready. Now what?

Once you´re done creating a playlist you have 3 options:

I. Present a Playlist in Presentation Mode

II. Share Playlists with other Play users

III. Export Clips and Playlists as video files


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