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PRESENTATION MODE | Presenting a Playlist

How to present a Playlist

Once a playlist has been created, it can be presented. There are two ways I can access Presentation Mode. I can click the playlist’s three-dot icon and choose Play on Presentation Mode. This starts the playlist with the first clip. 

I can exit Presentation Mode by pressing the Esc key or with the Exit icon.

How to access Presentation Mode

To present a playlist, I can click the Presentation Mode icon in the Playlists module. This will open presentation mode and automatically play the first playlist. Then I can click the menu icon at the top left, and choose the playlist I want to present.

Add Graphics and Visualizations during a live Presentation

While in Presentation Mode, I can click this icon at the top right to open the Visualizations Panel. I can create drawings such as arrows or shapes, or I can add live visualizations such as player ID or speed, spotlight, links, etc.

Note that any visualizations I add during Presentation Mode won’t be saved as clip annotations. They will be seen only during the presentation itself.

´Undo´ and ´Delete All´ functions  

The Undo icon at the lower right removes the most recent visualizations one by one. Clicking the delete icon remove all visualizations I’ve added to the clip, and I can undo this action as well.

Overlays Panel

An overlay is a text bubble that appears over the video clip throughout its duration. An overlay can include video project info such as clip number and description, current score, event title and description, etc.

While in Presentation Mode, I can click this icon at the top right to open the list of overlays I can add.

The first overlay option is Always Active. If this is enabled, then when I start playing the clip, all overlays will remain displayed. If this option is disabled, then overlays will disappear after a few seconds when the video clip is playing. Note that overlays will disappear only if Touch mode is disabled.

Master Color Select

Player Hint Button

Show / Hide Video Controls

While in Presentation Mode, I can click the Video Control icon at the lower right, to temporarily hide everything but the video clip itself. This is helpful, for example, if I want to add a visualization but an overlay is blocking the point I want to access. I can then bring the controls back for the presentation.

´More Options´ in Presentation Mode

While in Presentation Mode, I can click the three-dot icon for a list of presentation options. 

Touch Mode

With Touch Mode, all video controls remain available during presentation. This means, for example, if the presentation is played on a TV screen, I can use the Pause and Play buttons at any time.

Autoplay clips

If Autoplay Clips is disabled, then I’ll need to proceed to the next clip manually. If enabled, clips will be played automatically.


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