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PLAYLISTS | Share Playlists with other Play users

To share a playlist with staff or colleagues, I’ll click the playlist’s three-dot icon and choose Export Playlist. I’ll choose where I want the playlist saved, and accept or change the default playlist name. All of the playlist clips will be included in order, along with any annotations. 

The format of the saved file is .playlist, which can be opened by anyone with a Play license. After importing the playlist, it will be added to that user’s Playlists module in the currently open workspace. If no workspace is open, a temporary untitled workspace will be created. Any user opening a playlist can continue adding annotations, making this a great collaborative feature.


Shared Playlists are Self-Contained

Playlists have self-contained data, and don’t need to accompany any particular video project. Each clip in the playlist contains not only the clip duration itself, along with any annotations, but also includes 10 seconds before and after the clip duration.

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