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Version 1.7 | Coding (Beta)



As one of the leading video analysis softwares, Metrica Play now integrates the function to be able to code the different events that take place in a game or training.

  • Coding Mode (Post-game)

1. Go to the Video Project you want to code events and click on 'Add new Coding File'. Type a name for the Coding File, and hit enter: 


2. Is now time to add the codes that you want to include with all their specifications such as color, shortcut, name, etc. To start, click on 'Add new Codes' to access the Code Manager of this Coding File:


3. Start adding codes by clicking on the 'Add a new Code' icon. Set their Color, Shortcut and Name. You can then choose to SAVE or RECORD event for each specific Code. If you add a Lead and Lag Time on a Code, events will be saved. If you don't add this information, events will be recorded. Close Code Manager when you're done:


Once you create a Code, it will then be available at the bottom of the Code Manager as 'Archived Codes...'. You can send all of them to the Coding File, or select specific archived codes to be added con the current Coding File

4. Turn Coding Mode on, to be able to use the shortcuts you defined previously. You can now play the video and start adding events within the Coding File for a Video Project:


  • Live Coding Mode (Beta Version)

Do you want to code live? Turn Live Mode on. A panel will expand to start/stop a recording of a Coding File.


If you want to have Automatic Detections on the Coding File you´re about to record for later use, remember to create the Video Project on Metrica Cloud first. Then go to Play and download the Video Project from the DB Manager. Now follow all the steps from Coding Mode step by step above.

Once you finish with Live Coding, go to Metrica Cloud and upload the video. When all processes are done, go to Play and you will see a notification to update the Video Project with the Coding File. Click on Download.

Now link the video recording to the Video Project containing the Coding File


As last step, go to Sync Manager to synchronize both Coding File and Video File.



Select the event that you want to modify and click on the 'Edit event time'. Click to confirm when you're done.




When one or more events are selected, go to 'more options' icon in the timeline and click on 'Delete selected events'. You can also use CTRL + Delete key (CMD for Mac users)


Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • We have bug fixes and stability improvements. Sleek, smooth, functional and delightful. Happy travels!
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