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Download the tracking data in Play 

After uploading your videos to Cloud and when all Automatic Detection processes has been finished (you´ll get an email notification), you´re ready to go to Play, download the Video Project containing the data of your videos and linking the video files from your local drive.

First you´ll need to create an environment to deal with all your Video Projects, so let's create a Workspace for that.

Create a Workspace

Open Play app in your computer.

Create a workspace following these steps:


Download a Video Project from Cloud (DB Manager) to Play

Click the DB Manager icon. Here I can see all of the video projects I’ve created in Cloud. I can hover over any project to see its file name, and I’ll click this project to select it for my workspace.

If the Download Data Video icon is enabled, which means this project has a video uploaded. I could use this icon to download the video to my computer if needed.

To place this video project in my workspace, I’ll click the Import icon. The checkmark indicates that this video project is now included in the workspace. Now I’ll go back, and I can see the video project in Video Manager module in the top top left corner. The Video Manager module will contain all of the video projects for the workspace.

The second icon below the video project name shows the progress of downloading the tracking data.

Link/Download a video file to a Video Project

The first icon below the video project name is for the video itself, and an X means the video itself isn’t yet loaded. After clicking this icon, I can choose the first option to automatically download the video from Cloud, or if I have the video on my computer, I can choose the second option. After loading, when I click the video project again, the video appears in the Video Canvas.

I can play or pause the video, change speed, or pick a point along the timeline.

Adding more videos for a multi-angle Video Project

Additionally, you can add as many videos as you want for a single Video Project, to be able to access different angles from the same game or the broadcasted version. You can then synchronize them with our Sync Manager tool. Clike here to learn how.


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