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Version 1.8.1 | Clip Detection

1.8.1 (26 November, 2019)

Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • Clips will display nr. of event on Clip Title


  • METRICA EYE | Improvement when camera zooms in and out and when there are more than one clip on a video

  • CLOUD | We´ve added a vertical scroll for the Video Project creation window for low resolution screens

  • PRESENTATION MODE | Hidden clips are now not considered in the Overlay to show total of clips on a playlist

  • Link visualization fix when two players are too close

  • Video export fix on Mac on visualizations with stuttering glitch

  • Fixes an issue re-processing Clip Detection in Cloud

  • We have bug fixes and stability improvements. Sleek, smooth, functional and delightful. Happy travels!




  • Clip Detection

Clip Detection is a process that recognize when a cut is taking place in the video, which makes it a perfect tool if you are uploading a video containing several clips, for example.

So, when you are creating a Video Project in Cloud, enable Clip Detection function after selecting a video file:


After running this process, download the Video Project on Metrica Play and a 'Clip Detection' Coding File will be there with a Code including every cut as an event:


Enter the Clip Detection Coding File and review the cuts one by one. You can then select them to:

a. Modify IN and OUT times

b. Delete selected events

c. Send selected events to a new playlist or an existing one



  • Updated shortcuts:

CMD + A = Select all events from a Coding/Pattern File

S = Save events as clips on a selected playlist

R = Start recording a video cut as a clip on a selected playlist

  • Create Video Projects without a video file

In order to allow the use of Live Coding function, you can now create a Video Project without selecting a video file in Metrica Cloud. After Live Coding is done, you can go to Cloud and upload the video file for that Video Project in order to have Automatic Visualizations. Sync video and coding file with our Sync Manager module in Metrica Play.


Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • We have bug fixes and stability improvements. Sleek, smooth, functional and delightful. Happy travels!
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