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Version 1.10.2 | Data Integration

1.10.2 (10 FEBRUARY, 2020)

Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • We've fixed some bugs related with the search tool in Metrica Cloud and DB Manager.

  • We've added a function to import Metrica Sports pattern files through Metrica Cloud.


1.10.1 (28 JANUARY, 2020)

Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • A hotfix for distances and shape visualizations.




  • Data Integration

You can now integrate tracking data coming from other providers like Tracab data. Please, contact us for more information. 

Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • We have bug fixes and stability improvements. Sleek, smooth, functional and delightful. Happy travels!
  • Fixes a bug ordering Video Projects on Cloud and DB Manager when using search feature.
  • We've fixed a bug creating an annotation away from the needle on Annotations module.
  • We've added an checkup stage when using Video Convert features to clear errors if any.
  • We've added support for .m4v videos to be uploaded in Metrica Cloud and to be used in Metrica Play.
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