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Video Introduction


Step-by-Step tutorial.

How to optimize Automatic Chroma Key with Color Picker:

1. Open Annotations Module on a specific clip and add a visualization in the timeline. Then click on Chroma Key button and will be applied automatically:



Chroma Key will be applied for the visualizations that are located below the chroma key element.


2. You have different mask view to optimize the chroma key:



3. If needed, you can add more color to the chroma key. When a chroma key element is selected your mouse cursor will become a color picker. Just select the color regions that you want to add to the chroma key. Activate the Mask View for a more precise adjustment:


Hold Alt/Option key to take out colors while selecting a pixel.
Hold Ctrl/⌘ to select a pixel with more precision.


Change the order of the annotation tracks


You can change the order of the tracks and this will impact how the visualizations look on the video:


Up/Down Arrows

You can also change the order of the annotations elements by using the up/down arrow when are selected.

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