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Version 2.2.1 | Keyframing in Annotations



Keyframing (Manual Tracking) is now integrated within Annotations

If you've been using Keyframing you realized that you had to add manual tracks first, and then add the visualizations. Well, now you can do both at the same time, to make it faster and to actually see the visualization in real-time while you add the track.

For clips that do not have Automatic Player Detection, or clips where you find missing players, can be tracked manually while adding a visualization as annotation:

Fix tracks coming from Automatic Detection

This is also great to fix issues coming from Automatic Detection. If a visualization misses its track or goes somewhere else, you will now be able to fix that from the annotations


Add Player Visualizations in a Pause

You can now add Player Visualizations (ID, Speed, etc...) to only show during a pause.


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