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Getting started for new Basic and Basic+ users

0. Create a Workspace

Open Play app in your computer and create a "New workspace".


1. Get your video into Play

In the top left corner, the Video Manager module will contain all the video projects for the workspace.

Now, in the Video Manager module, I’ll click the Add icon to create a local video project:

The first icon below the video project name is for the video itself, and an X means the video itself isn’t yet loaded. After clicking this icon, I can choose the second option "Link Video from Local Drive..." link the video on my computer. After loading, when I click the video project again, the video appears in the Video Canvas.


2. Move your clips to your playlists

Create a Playlist by clicking the "Add" icon.

Then type a playlist name and press Enter. Play the video.

When you want to save a moment that just occurred as a clip, pause the video after the moment is complete. Then click on the "Save event/s on selected playlist" icon at the bottom right. image.png

By default, a video cut contains the 10 seconds leading up to the current point on the video.

You could also create your own coding file within your Video Project. If not, then go to the next step.


3. Add some drawings

Choose a clip that you want to add visualizations and click on the "Annotations Module" icon.

In the Annotations Module for this clip, click the "Add" icon on the needle and choose a visualization. Depending of the chosen visualization you probably need to apply Manual Keyframing.


4. Export your playlist or present to the team


- Tips on how to present a Playlist in Presentation Mode.

- Export Clips and Playlists as video files.

- Dominate Play with this guidelines.

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