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Version 2.2.2 | Field Detection for broadcasted videos



Field Detection improved for broadcasted videos

Take advantage of all the visualizations that were optimized for wide-angles, now available on boradcasted games. The Metrica Sports technology that detects the field on each frame is now optimized for a wider range of videos, making it possible to plot quantifiable information more efficiently on games from television.


What are the visualizations that are most benefit with this improvement?


  • Distances between players (Link)
  • Pinned Drawings
  • Player Speed
  • Distances on the field
  • Trace and Future trails


Bug Fixes and Improved Performance

  • Avoid getting out-of-memory errors when processing videos with resolution greater or equal than 1920x1080
  • We´ve fixed a bug that was preventing the use of chroma key tool
  • We´ve fixed a bug when downloading Video Projects from DB Manager
  • We improve the performance of the new Keyframing tool within Annotations module
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