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The video I´m using has issues while playing it or after exporting it

Even though we support several video formats ('avi', 'mov', 'mp4', 'mpeg', 'mpg', 'ogg', 'wmv', 'mkv', 'flv', 'mts', 'mxf', 'webm', 'm4v'), your video might have an specification that is not supported in Play or encoding issues. For that we have a function that might solve the issue.

"Convert video..." function

This process have the objective of solving some issues you might be having playing the video or visualizing its data (not synched, for example). It can also improve the playback performance if your computer reaches the minimum requirements only. This process will:
  • Change Variable Frame Rate to Constant Frame Rate, if it´s the case.
  • Modify the number of frames in header, if doesn't match with time length.
  • Downgrade bitrate, if it´s too high.
  • Remuxing, to make sure all timestamps are monotonically increasing.
 You can find this function within the drop-down of every video:


If ther issue persists, please contact Support.

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