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Version 2.4.0 | Infraestructure reconfiguration

2.4.0 (23 JUNE, 2021)

Hello, Play users!

In order to manage the infrastructure reconfiguration of our services as well as deploy multiple fixes, a one-hour server maintenance is planned on June 23rd at 13pm CEST / 4am PDT / 12pm BST / 7am EDT / 7pm HKT / 8pm JST.

This release will include several changes to the organizations and licenses structures. These changes will be incompatible with any version older than the one released on June 23rd, which means that update to the latest version is mandatory.

Next time you open Play, you'll be logged out and informed that you need to download the latest version. You can also click on installation update on the top right notification if it becomes available for you.

You can also download the latest version from our Download Page, once available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your support is very much appreciated.


Other Bug Fixes and Improved Performance notes

  • We've added a vertical scroll bar in Sync Manager for low resolution screens.
  • When you're executing an action, like converting or downloading a video, and you run out of disk space, we'll notify you.
  • We have bug fixes and stability improvements. Sleek, smooth, functional and delightful. Happy travels!
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