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Elite Plan visualizations

Here is just another quick video to show you some of our Elite plan visualizations, such as the dynamic team, width and length.

This is either using the Metrica Sports tracking data, or if you want to integrate the tracking data from your own provider, then we can do that as well.

So a really easy one to flip on as a visualization and also a really nice one for opposition analysis. If you want to look at the horizontal or vertical compactness of a team, when they're building up from the back or progressing the ball or defending, then this is a really nice way to do that.

You've also got the 2D pitch view, or the live formation as we call it. So you can see here, you've got ball tracking and also player tracking.

In this example, the players are anonymized, but for you guys, you'll see the players identified by number and name here.

So because we've integrated the tracking data, and we know the identities of the players, even easier than clicking the individual defenders for this team.

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