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Automatic Field Tracking

Select a clip and open Annotations module:



Go to the Field Tracking menu and select "Automatic Field Tracking". Play will start processing your clip. This process will try to detect football/soccer lines in the video. Make sure there are enough visible lines in the video. Please mind that process is optimized for wide-angle videos.



If Field Tracking was successful you could check its accuracy by clicking on the Field Hint button within the video canvas (O key as shortcut).



In case of finding that the blue lines are not overlapping properly with the field lines, you can use the "Improve Field Tracking on selected frame" function to adjust it. Repeat this step as many times as needed in other moments of the clip.



Now you're ready to add annotations that are associated with the field, like Speed and Distances, or Drawings such as Arrow and Shape. In case you want to add a visualization that also requires Player Tracking follow the steps in the video below:


Automatic Player Tracking

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