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How to get a demo game of our Automated Tracking Data

Go to cloud.metrica-sports.com and login. (If you don't have an account yet go to getplay.metrica-sports.com)


Click on the Settings icon and choose "Add Key" from the dropdown menu:


Add code SAMPLEGAME3 within the form and press Apply:


After this, your Key/Code will take effect on your account, and you should be able to see a new Video Project listed.


Open Play app in your computer.


Open or create a Workspace.


Import the Video Project and the video file with the tracking data from Cloud to Play, following the steps below:


Create a Playlist by clicking the "Add" icon:


Then type a playlist name and press Enter.


Play the video.


When you want to save a moment that just occurred as a clip, pause the video after the moment is complete. Then click on the "Save event/s on selected playlist" icon at the bottom right. image.png

By default, a video cut contains the 10 seconds leading up to the current point on the video.


That's it! You can now Add Visualizations to your playlists

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