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Manual Field Tracking

Select a clip and open Annotations module:



Go to the Field Tracking menu and select "Manual Field Tracking...".



Choose the sport, so Play can recognize the specific field.

Width and Length

If you know the width and length of the field, please change it, otherwise leave it as it is.


Set the orientation of the field in the same view perspective as the video for a better experience.




Set 4 non-collinear keypoints that covers the maximum amount of field:


Adding more keypoints won't mean that calibration will be more accurate. Avoid setting all the points you see in the image because that could decrease the weight of each keypoint too much, and you won't be able to get the proper field shape at the end. No more than 6-7 points are needed, if they are selected wisely.



Once you add enough keypoints, Play can calculate the dimensions of the field. A discontinuous blue line will be displayed to show you what will be the outcome, and you are ready to process the field calibration in the entire clip. This is how it will look:



Once process has finished, Field Hint will be automatically activated. You can now play the video to check Field Tracking in the entire clip.



In case of finding that the blue lines are not overlapping properly with the field lines, you can re-adjust the keypoints in the video to adjust it. Repeat this step as many times as needed in other moments of the clip:



Now you're ready to add annotations that are associated with the field, like Speed and Distances, or Drawings such as Arrow and Shape.


In case you want to add a visualization that also requires Player Tracking, you have a couple of options depending on your plan: Manual Player Tracking (Keyframing) or Automatic Player Tracking.


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